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Tutorial: Easy DIY nail art – glitter placement (extra festive)

Do you have chunky glitter lying around your house but all the festivals are cancelled? Get that shit on your nails! Here is an easy tutorial for making your nails look home-disco ready, with no need for the salon (which is closed anyway). This takes between 20 to 50 minutes, depending on how much glitter you want to cram on your nails. You will need:

a toothpick, chunky glitter, clear polish, top coat, fave polish
step 1: apply your favourite polish. step2: add a generous coat of clear polish
step 3: use the toothpick to pick up glitter (wet the tip first, e.g. lick it)
step 4: place glitter on nails in desired design, working quickly before the polish dries (if you don't have clear polish you can use regular)
step 5: apply a top coat to seal in the glitter and voila!
close up of gorgeous nails
close up wide shot of nails

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