For the bored, locked-down and lonely


The global pandemic has been hard on all of us – but while kids and families have all manner of resources and support to get through it all, the rest of us have been left to deal with things as best we can. But being stuck at home, unable to freely socialise or do many of our favourite pastimes, can be tough. We’re a group of pals across Europe who were frustrated that many different groups of adults – students, child-free people, people who live by themselves or far from their families, etc – are experiencing the isolation and stresses of lockdown in a unique way and are equally in need of support and helpful suggestions to make it through this difficult period.

We’re aiming to establish a free online repository of activities, recommendations and stuff to read, curated to help adults spend their free time being creative, having fun and trying out new hobbies. We’re gathering contributions and writing our own, sourcing creative writing and culture recommendations, hoping to create a really varied mix of activities to counteract the monotony and restlessness of life under lockdown.

Are you a writer? A crafter? A maker? A creative type? Or do you have a particular skill, like bike repair or wildflower identification? We’re looking for all kinds of contributors to create either beginner-level tutorials, articles or creative writing for our repository and upcoming weekly newsletter. 

With this project we hope to provide a diverse resource for adults of all ages who are bored, lonely and/or feeling low due to the restrictions made necessary by this crisis.

This is a not-for-profit project and we promise not to advertise or promote anything commercial on this website; any product recommendations in individual activities are purely necessary for the activity itself.

If you would like to contribute or are interested but not sure how to get involved, get in touch with us at!