For the bored, locked-down and lonely

Tutorial: Easy DIY nail art – glitter placement (extra festive)

Do you have chunky glitter lying around your house but all the festivals are cancelled? Get that shit on your nails! Here is an easy tutorial for making your nails look home-disco ready, with no need for the salon (which is closed anyway). This takes between 20 to 50 minutes, depending on how much glitter you want to cram on your nails. You will need:

a toothpick, chunky glitter, clear polish, top coat, fave polish
step 1: apply your favourite polish. step2: add a generous coat of clear polish
step 3: use the toothpick to pick up glitter (wet the tip first, e.g. lick it)
step 4: place glitter on nails in desired design, working quickly before the polish dries (if you don't have clear polish you can use regular)
step 5: apply a top coat to seal in the glitter and voila!
close up of gorgeous nails
close up wide shot of nails

Activity: Write an ode

This year has been extraordinary in a lot of ways – but much of our everyday existence has been kind of mundane. As we’ve lived through lockdown, there’s been a lot of repetition: most of us working from home, seeing the same folks and the same walls of the same house day after day. I think it’s about time we show the mundane a bit of love – and what better way to do that than with an ode? An ode is a poem where you celebrate something ordinary. By writing an ode you’re challenging yourself to spend some time thinking about all the aspects of an object which make it special to you, and which we normally might overlook. Odes can be funny, serious, joyful, or nostalgic but the main aim is to bring your chosen object to life through celebrating it – make the ordinary extraordinary!

Here are some tips for writing your ode:

Pick an ordinary place or thing.

Give your subject praise or thanks. (Oh, _____________!)  Speak directly to the object.

Spend time deeply thinking about your object. Try starting by writing down everything of note without worrying how it might be a poem (you could even try a mind map). Then go back to pick out the most striking thoughts and shape them into a poem.

What does it mean to you? You might find that you associate this object with certain memories & preoccupations, or it may start you thinking about larger, abstract themes.

Try using verbs to bring your object to life. Think about what personality your object would have if it were a person – how would it move or speak or think?

Want some more inspiration before getting started? Have a read of these modern ode examples:

‘Ode to My Socks’ by Pablo Neruda

‘Ode to Shea Butter’ by Angel Nafis

‘Home Movies: A Sort of Ode’ by Mary Jo Salter

Tutorial: How to make beeswax wraps

Beeswax are the eco-friendly alternative to clingfilm and aluminium foil – because your sandwiches, blocks of cheese and carrot sticks deserve ONLY THE FINEST. Also – and this is the best bit – they are super easy and fun to make, and a perfect way to upcycle old shirts or duvet covers. It’s a vaguely addictive activity – one morning you’ll wake up and realise there is no one left in your social circle to gift a set of beeswax wraps to.

how to make beeswax wraps tutorial

Click here to download a high-quality printable version of this tutorial.

SHIT TO DO is here!

The global pandemic has been hard on all of us – but while kids and families have all manner of resources and support to get through it all, the rest of us have been left to deal with things as best we can. SHIT TO DO is here to make that easier. We’re a free online repository of activities, recommendations and stuff to read, curated to help adults spend their free time being creative, having fun and trying out new hobbies.

Are you a writer? A crafter? A maker? A creative type? Or do you have a particular skill, like bike repair or wildflower identification? We’re looking for all kinds of contributors to create either beginner-level tutorials, articles or creative writing for our repository and weekly newsletter. 

For example, we plan to launch SHIT TO DO with content including:

  • A writing activity for people who might not have tried out creative writing before
  • A tutorial on how to get started with nail art
  • A tutorial on how to make your own beeswax wraps
  • Cooking tips to help people get creative in the kitchen
  • A how-to on making dried flowers with ideas for using them in different crafts
  • A tutorial for making a mini moss garden to keep on your windowsill

With this project we hope to provide a diverse resource for adults of all ages who are bored, lonely and/or feeling low due to the lockdown.

If you would like to contribute or are interested but not sure how to get involved, get in touch with us at!