For the bored, locked-down and lonely

Activity: Make your daily walks something to look forward to

Simply paying attention to the shapes and colours you notice can give your daily walk some spice

Are you having trouble getting motivated to get out of bed? Or even out of the house? Are you only going outside to walk to the corner shop for milk, or to get to your car or to catch a bus to go to work? 

Going for a walk does not have to be something you have to do, but something you want to do because it can be fun and purposeful! You might even notice things on your walk that you never saw before. 

These scavenger hunts will help you look up, look around, take notice, be curious, connect more with your surroundings, and maybe even learn something new! If you use a sketchbook or camera, you might even produce a wonderful collection of artwork and photos to create your own journal or e-book to give to a niece or nephew, a parent, or a friend who could use some cheering up. 

Click the links below to download our scavenger hunt sheets which you can print out and use/reuse to turn your walk into an adventure! Shake things up by repeating the same scavenger hunt with different conditions or in a different setting – once in a rural landscape setting, and once in an urban town setting.

Finding colours out and about

Find one thing that begins with each letter of the alphabet

Find 2D and 3D shapes in your environment

If you’re still bored, create your own scavenger hunt as a community project as a fun way to get outdoors to learn about historic landmarks, identify trees planted in local parks or to take part in wildlife sightings or conservation projects such as:

And if you’re feeling absolutely soaked in the milk of human kindness, share your self-made scavenger hunts with us so that we can publish them to help people around the world make the most of their walks!