For the bored, locked-down and lonely

Tutorial: Press some flowers


  • you will be required to take a walk outside (even if it’s only to your garden / balcony): this is good for you
  • it takes two weeks for the flowers to dry out: this gives you something to look forward to
  • they make great gifts for yourself or someone else – frame them, make a bookmark, make a card


Go for a walk. Look out for wildflowers. Look closely. Go for something that intrigues you. It really doesn’t matter what they are. They could be weeds. Pick two or three. Ideally, they should have a reasonably flat bloom. I found some of these in an overgrown patch of the garden.

nigella bloom


Cut them so that they still have small stems. If there is water on them, gently dab them, and leave them to dry on a piece of kitchen roll.


Place the flowers on a piece of cardboard. Make sure they’re not touching each other. Place another piece of cardboard on top, so they’re sandwiched in. Put a heavy book, or a stack of books, on top of them. Leave for two weeks.


Carefully remove the top layer of cardboard. Use tweezers to gently lift the pressed flowers. Arrange them on a piece of paper. Glue down. Frame. (Or glue them onto card to make a greetings card or bookmark).

beautiful pressed flowers mounted on watercolour paper in a glass frame