For the bored, locked-down and lonely

Activity: Make a mini moss landscape for your home

the finished moss garden with a tiny model of spongebob's pineapple house

The lovely thing about moss is that it’s all texture: some mosses are velvety, other mosses are frondy, some are spiky and some have lots of tickly little tentacles. Moss is gaining popularity as a houseplant thanks to terrariums getting trendy, but you don’t need to plant it in a mason jar or antique vitrine for it to be a beautiful and lively burst of green in your house. And the great thing about a mini moss garden is that you can make your own for almost no money!

You will need:

  • a plastic bag (for the love of god, please reuse one you have lying around)
  • some generic compost or compost designed for good drainage (i.e. cactus compost or such like)
  • some bits of broken crockery or large pebbles
  • some sand or fine gravel if you have it
  • a plant pot of your choice (optionally with a plastic plant pot to fit inside it) OR any vessel you like as long as you can make holes in the bottom of it, i.e. a biscuit tin or vintage colander (even better – pre-holed!)
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